And then...

...they all lived happily ever after.

31 August 1988
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Perhaps this is a place where we start our acquaintance, where we intertwine the branches of our life tree and maybe even exchange the fruits of our dreams. Months pass. Seasons change. Will we still be planted in the same ground? Will our leaves still fall to each other's roots? I like to think so.

alternatepairing friending meme !!


I ship many pairings.
I encourage everyone to do so and find their own happiness and catharsis in life.
I don't tolerate the (seriously malicious, not poking fun)bashing of anyone's ship.


About Julliel:
-is hopelessly romantic
-is stress-prone
-occasionally suffers from self-induced loneliness
-posts her personal thoughts in disguise as fandom drabbles

Guilty Pleasures:
.cute underaged boys
.spongebob squarepants
.fictional incest
.messing with people
.strolling through Halloween mazes
.eating ice cream in winter
.bursting into song and dance at compeltely inappropriate times

.writing [romance, erotica, horror, fantasy, sci-fi, steam punk]
.reading [see above]
.watching and critiquing film
.listening to music

**For those that are interested in the letter exchange, please send a message to me firstly. :D Thank you~!

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